Bug Day


The Randall Museum is proud to host a number of family-friendly special events each year. Some, such as Bug Day, Family Halloween Fest, and Holiday Craft Day, are perennial favorites; others, like our 2008 redwood bench dedication, take advantage of one-time opportunities to share something unique with our visitors.

We always welcome adult volunteers for all of our special events! Please visit our Volunteer page for more information or contact Nathan at (415) 554-9681 or nrobinson@randallmuseum.org.


Check out the incredible extravaganza of insects at the Randall Museum’s annual Bug Day at the Mission Arts Center. Do you adore arthropods, or do creepy crawlies make you queasy?  Either way you should find something here to tickle your fancy.

Bug 1

Saturday April 16      10am-2pm       Mission Arts Center