“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything
better.”  Albert Einstein

Randall Museum features changing interactive hands-on lobby
exhibits that strive to connect the visitor more closely with our
natural environment through artistic and scientific exploration.

Our current exhibit, “Wild In the City” features many of the wildlife
with whom we share our urban environment.

Children can play in a scaled down Victorian home in the lobby,
where they can put on puppet shows, read about our wild friends in
over-sized colorful books, then follow foot prints on the lobby floor
to places where urban animals like to hide. The exhibit aims to teach
visitors how to live side by side with wildlife so people and animals
can both thrive within San Francisco ’s city limits.

Be sure to visit these long-time favorites as well:

  • Riding The Rails
  • Living with a Restless Earth
  • Creativity & Discovery Hand In Hand
  • Animal Exhibit
  • Windswept
  • Healthy Oceans

Fostering a love of science, nature and the arts

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