2017 San Francisco Middle School Science Fair


All public and private San Francisco middle school students
(grades 6 to 8) are invited to participate, including
home schooled students ages 11 to 14. 


NEW FOR 2017

Randall Museum is closed for renovation and this year we are excited to host the Science Fair at the San Francisco Zoo!

Teachers: If you would like to enter your school into the fair this
year and have not received the information packet by the end of
September, email the Fair Coordinator to be added to our teacher
mailing list. You do not have to host a science fair at your school, but
you do have to RSVP in advance to receive an entry quota.

The goal of the Fair is to emphasize the joy and accessibility
of science and participation over competition
; therefore, winners
are not awarded cash prizes, but instead are offered a day trip to a
Bay Area location of educational and entertainment interest (such
as a science Bay cruise on the research vessel, the Derek M. Baylis).


The judging criteria are designed to reflect these goals.  Seventh and eighth grade winners can also qualify to enter the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair.  All participants receive a ribbon and a certificate of achievement.

Important Guides and Links:

Science Fair Rules and Guidelines

Science Fair Calendar 2017

Student’s Guide to the San Francisco Science Fair

Teacher’s Guide to the San Francisco Science Fair

San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair  (regional fair one level above
this fair)

Important note to students and teachers: If your project involves
human subjects (including people filling out surveys, or even
people you are observing anonymously), animals, pathogens,
or controlled substances, you must fill out a Project Proposal Form
before you begin your experiments and, in most cases, send it to
the S.F. Bay Area Science Fair’s Scientific Review Committee by
February 1 (exceptions: 6th graders and team projects must fill out
the form and keep copies but do not need to send it in because
they are not eligible to enter the SFBASF). If you are working with
human subjects, you must also obtain informed consent from each
person at the time of your experiment. The forms are available at
the SFBASF website, under the Paperwork tab. Feel free to contact
our fair coordinator
if you have questions or concerns about this or
any other aspect of the entry process.

Fostering a love of science, nature and the arts

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