Golden Crowned Sparrow

(Zonotrichia atricapilla) 

GoldenCrownedSparrowThe Golden-crowned
sparrow is a West
Coast bird.  In the
breeding season,
April through
September, it nests
from British
Columbia to Alaska.
In Fall, it migrates
south, and is a
common winter
resident in coastal Washington, Oregon and California.  It is a
frequent visitor to back yard bird feeders and birdwatchers
anticipate its arrival as a harbinger of fall.   The Golden-crowned
sparrow at the Randall Museum suffered a wing injury and is unable
to continue its migratory lifestyle.  In the spring, it molts into bright
breeding plumage and can be heard singing its “oh-dear-me”
advertising song in hopes of attracting a mate.

Golden-crowned sparrows can also be seen in the park outside of
the Randall Museum.  They join in mixed flocks with other sparrows,
including resident white-crowned sparrows and dark-eyed juncos.  If
you would like to learn more about the birds that live in the park,
join us the third Friday of the month for bird walks that meet at 8
a.m. in front of the museum.


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