Common Raven

(Corvis corax)

EdgarReaching up to 27 inches in length,
Common Ravens are the largest birds
classified by biologists as songbirds.
They are very vocal animals with a wide
variety of calls (more than 30
recorded!) and non-vocal sounds
(including wing whistles and the
familiar bill snapping).  They are known
for their intelligence and complex
social dynamics.  Ravens are
omnivorous. They eat vegetation and
carrion (decaying flesh of a dead
animal), which not only helps remove
dead animals that may harbor disease,
but also helps in nutrient cycling. Ravens are important predators of
arthropods, mammals, and birds in the ecosystem in which they live.
Common Ravens are superb flyers, easily recognized by their shiny,
blue-black feathers and wedge shaped tail.  They adapt easily to
most conditions and are one of the most widespread, naturally
occurring birds worldwide.


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