The Randall Museum offers the community a variety of program spaces for activities and events.

Labs and Studios

Labs and Studio dedicated to, and equipped for, specific interactive programs

Art Studio

Equipped with supplies, tools, and work surfaces for an unlimited variety of art projects for people of all ages. The room also has wonderful views of the City and access to an outdoor patio.

Ceramics Studio

This refurbished room has electric wheels, manual wheels, electric and gas powered kilns, clay trap and a collection of hand tools, glazes and clays to create different ceramics projects for all age groups.


The Randall Museum’s woodshop is one of the rare, fully-equipped public access Woodshops in San Francisco. It has the capacity to provide classes for all age groups and all skills, from Parent-Toddler Classes to Open Studios for adults. There is a full complement of both hand and power tools including a large Band Saw from the 1930’s from the old Naval Base on Mare Island.

The Garage

Our newest studio space is one of the few public access STEAM Labs (science-technology-engineering-art-mathematics) in San Francisco. Equipment includes computers and Arduino devices for programming, robotics supplies, 3-D printers, CDC laser cutter, and more. The Garage will have programmatic overlap with the Woodshop.

Natural Sciences Lab

This dedicated classroom for science programming is in a new location and has been outfitted with a variety of computers, microscopes and other science equipment suitable for classes, drop-in activities and experiments.


The Randall Theater has both bleacher and floor seating with a capacity of 180 people. There is a full set of stage lights and riggings to provide light, sound and other effects to support productions on the raked stage. The theater also has a small green room (not accessible), and a sound booth with capacity to control lights, sound and projections.


Exhibits dedicated to providing thematic interactive learning experiences.

Live Animal Exhibits

The Randall Museum has always provided a home to live Native California Wildlife. The exhibit groups live animals into four distinct California habitats —Chaparral, Desert, Riparian, and Urban. Our animals are well loved by staff and the public and are used to educate visitors about wildlife preservation. Our live animals are also the focus of school field trips and public animal talks.
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The Toddler Treehouse

This room is a dedicated play space for our youngest visitors and their families. It has a beautiful wall mural, a custom made climbing structure, and is stocked with furniture, toys and books to facilitate free, creative play and provide a pleasant setting for young children and families.
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Collectors Corner

The 19th century was an era of great exploration where scientists and connoisseurs assembled collections of artifacts for research and study. This small exhibit to be located in the elevator lobby on the basement level will have a roll top desk, barrister shelves, artifacts and graphics about 19th century collecting and its impact then and now.
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Geology Exhibits

This new basement exhibit located directly below the viewing hole in the lobby floor is dedicated to teaching about geology’s general and specific impact on the environment. The north wall is home to the museum’s beloved Lego Shake Tables as well as a working Seismometer and Seismograph. The south wall offers interactive geology displays that can be explored in more depth.
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The lobby features the museum front desk, a skylight, viewing hole in the floor, and a kinetic sculpture called “Wingspan” by Ben Trautman. Although a circulation, program and event space, the lobby – along with its adjacent hallways and cases – will also be the home of temporary interactive exhibits created by the Randall Staff.

Railroad Exhibits

The Model Railroad layout is an enormous recreation of train routes in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada built by hand for over 60 years by the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club. Visitors can now see and operate an automated rail line daily during museum hours. Former club members will come in periodically to run their personal trains and talk with the public about model railroading.

"Riding the Rails" is an interactive play-exhibit featuring murals, a history of public transportation in San Francisco, a Caboose large enough for children to explore, and a toy train track that can be used by people who rent toy trains at the front desk for a nominal fee.

Ocean Exhibit

Once a small part of the Live Animal Exhibit, Oceans now have their own dedicated exhibit space in the basement. Between four pillars visitors can see live specimens of local marine wildlife in tanks; adjacent walls will have both temporary and permanent exhibits.
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Redwood Ramp

Our new Redwood ramp is more than an exhibit, it’s a sensory experience. Walking down the main east ramp of the museum visitors experience the sounds of an Old Growth Redwood Forest and learn about specific animals and their frequencies. Look up at the ceiling to learn about how the Redwood branches create a Canopy; see photo murals to get a visual sense of the Redwood Forest; and read the story of the salmon that swim up the Redwood Forest streams.

Other Spaces and Amenities

Café Josephine

The Randall Museum now offers healthy and tasty food services to the public during the day, with seating in adjacent in-door and out-door areas. Event catering is also possible.
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Buckley-Redwood Room

Our largest multi-purpose room on the main level of museum, offering beautiful views of San Francisco, is suitable for classes, field trips, meetings, rehearsals and private events. This room has an adjacent kitchen.

Front Desk and Staff Offices

The Front Desk at the Main Entrance in the Lobby is the hub that greets visitors and provides information to maximize museum use. Staff Offices are found throughout the Museum to provide both programmatic and administrative support to all Museum functions.

Parking Lot

The Randall offers free parking with a capacity of 70 spaces with some dedicated Accessible Spaces. No overnight parking is available.

Outdoor Learning Environment

Two sides of the building are surrounded by beautiful, public, open space that includes a lawn, decks, plants, trees, and spectacular views of San Francisco.

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