The Randall Museum

We’re Open!

The Randall Museum is pleased to announce that the main facility at 199 Museum Way is now open to the public regular hours Tuesday through Sunday

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What is the Randall Museum?

The Randall Museum is a natural history museum, science museum and arts center in one, offering hands-on learning through exhibits and classes in science, nature and art to all ages. The museum has many fun things to do with kids and adults alike, including live animal encounters and drop-in activities.

Drop-In Activities

Drop-In Activities

Randall Museum offers a wide selection of activities for kids and families on a drop-in or same-day-registration basis.

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Drop-In Activities

Classes for Tots, Tweens, Teens, and Adults

Learn a new skill! There are classes for all ages in science, nature, art and applied design to satisfy your curiosity.

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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

The Randall Museum’s popular and reasonably-priced summer camps for 6 to 12 year-olds offer programs in science, art, technology, nature study and physical play.

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Become a Member

Help the Randall Museum by making a donation to Randall Museum Friends. Your generous donation will help us offer more wonderful Randall Museum programs to Bay Area families.


The Randall Museum is proud to host a number of clubs covering a wide range of interests in science and the arts, as well as occasional lecture series, one-time talks and special presentations. Most are free and open to the general public. None require a scientific or artistic background to appreciate and enjoy.

Rent the Randall

Located atop Corona Heights, near the geographical center of San Francisco, The Randall Museum is a perfect event space. With city and bay views, the museum is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and other gatherings.

Café Josephine

Café Josephine offers delicious, healthy, locally-sourced snacks, sandwiches, and salads, along with a full complement of beverages. Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry on the Randall’s east terrace in the morning, or a sandwich with friends in the Randall’s new front lawn seating area in the afternoon.

Open 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

STEAM in Spain

I recently took a trip to Spain, starting out in Barcelona and finishing in the coastal towns on the Bay of Biscay. Having STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) running through my veins, all I...

Birding in the Bay Area

This month’s insight is brought to you by Dominik Mosur, Randall Museum Animal Keeper and Birder Extraordinaire. “Birding or birdwatching is many things to many people. For most it is a pleasurable hobby, for some it...

It Takes a Village

Organizationally, the Randall Museum is a public/private partnership between the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department and the nonprofit organization, the Randall Museum Friends. Technically, there are only...

A Small Bilingual Art Class with a Significant Community Impact

The Randall Museum offers a diverse array of classes, for almost all ages, organized in season-based quarterly sessions. Most are preregistered weekly classes for a few months at a time. But, one of our more unique...

Ceramics Self-Discovery

This month I interviewed Tomoko Nakazato, ceramics instructor extraordinaire at Randall Museum and beyond. This month we thoughtfully reflect on the act of creating art with clay and the extensive effects it has on the...

About Us

The Randall Museum is more than just a natural history or science museum. Focusing on the cultures and environments of the San Francisco Bay Area, its integrated program of hands-on learning and recreation fosters a love of science, nature, and the arts. Classes include woodshop, art, science, and other STEM courses for children, teens, and adults. Exhibits display live animals in their habitats, oceans, earthquakes, and model trains.


Josephine Randall

Josephine D. Randall, San Francisco’s first Superintendent of Recreation, was determined to establish a nature museum for children “…that would foster a love of science, natural history, and the arts.”

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