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San Francisco Naturalist Society

Dedicated to the exploration and preservation of natural areas in the San Francisco Bay Area,
the SF Naturalist Society meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm. 
For more information, go to www.sfns.org or contact Patrick Schlemmer at JKodiak@earthlink.net or (415) 225-3830.

Thursday, February 13
My Furry Valentine
Naturalist and Zookeeper Patrick Schlemmer describes some of the more colorful mating strategies
in the animal kingdom.

Thursday, April 10
iNaturalist.org: A Naturalist Lifestyle and the Root of Conservation
Ken-ichi Ueda is an avid naturalist with a background in both biology and software development.
Ken-ichi developed iNaturalist while pursuing a Master's degree at the UC Berkeley School of Information in 2008
and continued to work on it in his spare time.
Since 2011, Ken-ichi has been working full time as iNaturalist's lead developer.

Thursday, June 12
The Borneo Project
Brihannala Morgan describes the island of Borneo -- its wildlife, lands and people.
In addition to the history of the Project itself, Brihannala will also discuss the unique model of the Borneo Project
and what the Project does to support rainforest communities on-the-ground
in Borneo in their fight against encroaching development and mega-dams.